maanantai 15. helmikuuta 2016


Muumimukeja. Jouluksi suklaataloja. Ja piparkakkuiglu, joka saa olla koristeena pitempäänkin.
Some grafts. Muumi mugs. Chocolate houses at Christmas. Gingerbread iglu as a decoration. Still standing there! 

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niela kirjoitti...

It's so beutiful. Your work is amazing!!!
In fact, I looked back through some of your older blog posts, and I think all your work is beautiful - so very well done. I'm looking forward to seeing many more of the lovely pieces that you make. I am following you, it will be very kind and nice if you visit my blog and follow too.

This is just amazing . I love your miniature works. You are amazing miniaturist!!!
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PILAR6373 kirjoitti...

Me encantan las tres piezas,son preciosas,sobre todo esa pequeña taza,es adorable!!

Heli kirjoitti...

Thank you for your kind words <3