sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2008

Lisää herkkuja

Ystävät osaavat yllättää. Toinenkin paketillinen herkkuja ystävältä. Mukana myös hyviä ajatuksia. Taidan olla jo hemmoteltu;)

A package full of fun things from another friend. There were also some good thoughts in there.
Am I spoiled?;)

3 kommenttia:

anja kirjoitti...

Ihana omistaa tuollainen ystävä, joka muistaa lähettämällä tuollaisia kalleuksia!

Heli kirjoitti...

Ystävät ovat aarteita:)

JP kirjoitti...

Your second picture reminded me of a quote I really like. This is from an autobiography written by Betsy Blair (the first wife of Gene Kelly). "In the United States we have the constitutional right to the "pursuit of happiness." The very words so carefully chosen by the Founding Fathers say that happiness is running ahead of us—that it's elusive. Our Puritan heritage insists that we should work to capture it. No say the French. Happiness is pleasure. It's here and now. It floats to you on a summer breeze. It's free. Eating, drinking, making love, reading a poem, lying under trees or walking on a city street, talking, arguing, playing with children, music, art, the movies-the things we all do every day are our life, and life itself is the pleasure."